God’s Fist
An Introduction to Unarmed Self Defense

This one-day hands-on workshop draws from Dr. Griswold’s lifetime study of self defense, nearly three decades of formal training and over twenty-five years teaching at his own school in Lexington, Kentucky.

God’s Fist provides every student with the basic tools to defend themselves effectively.  This course is designed for all, from pre-teens to seniors. Couples and family groups are very welcome.  This workshop will benefit beginners, as well as those with previous training, even substantial experience.  Furthermore, the methods readily adapt to accommodate those with physical limitations, so all can learn effective self defense.  The movements are easily remembered and can be practiced almost anywhere.  God's Fist classes are kept small enough to ensure personal attention to each student.

The basic four progressive levels of situational awareness and defensive action will be learned along with a simple color code which is easy to use in everyday life.  Three basic rules will be taught to help students reach true understanding of real self defense.   Although some assaults are deadly, most confrontations can be avoided or evaded.  Simple and easily remembered methods for escape will be practiced.  Furthermore, for those assaults requiring a hard response, severe responses will be learned.

Following the reality that ‘slow is smooth and smooth is fast,’ training is gentle to avoid injury and develop muscle memory.  So each student will ‘know’ the movements, a number of repetitions of each will be done periodically throughout the training.  The majority of each hour will devoted to partner training in applications of one of the six movements to effect escapes, dodges, blocks, strikes and kicks.  The goal is for students to retain enough knowledge so that they can practice effectively on their own. 

The particulars of each class will be adapted to the needs of the class and appropriate techniques will be adapted as needed.   Those with prior training will readily identify other applications for each movement.  Vital points will be identified and students will learn how to strike them for effect and also how to use pressure for compliance.  Striking pads will reinforce the concept of focus.  We will practice using every-day objects for personal defense, as well as flashlights and other tools as students might desire.

Students should come prepared for an active session, so comfortable clothing and sensible shoes are necessary.  Remembering that everything is a weapon, bring any personal tools, like pens, flashlights, combs, pens, etc. that you have constantly available, so that you can learn how to apply them in defense. We plan on five to ten minute breaks every hour and will have water available. A lunch break will be taken midway through the workshop.  

Classes will be offered several times each year at The Dancers' Studio in Lexington, Kentucky. Please check the Schedule Page of this website for times and locations.



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